Facebook algorithms are pretty simple. The more quality content you post (this is determined by how many likes/interactions a post receives) the more visible it is across your friends
network, and the more often you will appear in their feed.
Here’s the problem. You want your family, friends, and their associates to know about your great product or service. But posting about your *insert product/service here isn’t going
to get you like or much interaction.
On the contrary, it may have the opposite effect of what you are going for - you may come across as spammy or salesy, and before you know it, your followers are unfriending you.

So how do you increase engagement, thus broadening your presence, but still keep your brand top of mind?  With Social Compass!

With Social Compass you can post relevant and enticing content, and when the users clicks on the article, they are redirected to your own branded header or website header. Now they are on your site and reminded of what you have on offer. They read the article and while there they may decide to check out what else you have happening.

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